Thursday, October 20, 2016

Do "faces" scare you?

 If beginning doll makers voted what "scared" them the most, the overwhelming answer is the "face"! At our last meeting on 8 October, we went back to basics and drew and coloured some cloth doll faces - a great exercise for new and more experienced doll makers alike. 

There is nothing like practice to improve one's face drawing techniques, but here is an introduction to a video by renowned doll maker Patti Culea. This video and Patti's books are highly recommended by Gumnut Dollies Newcastle. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Image for Gumnut Dollies Newcastle

To celebrate the birthday of the amagmation of Gumnutters and Hello Dollies, here is a new bright image for our group, Gumnut Dollies, Newcastle

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gumnut Giveaways in Newcastle

At Gumnut Dollies Newcastle, we are furiously working to make giveaway gifts for visitors to our stand at the Newcastle Stitches and Craft Show, 18-21  August. It was great to see the progress today at our meeting.  Thanks to the many members who have made such a fantastic contribution. It was also lovely today to welcome three new doll makers to our group. Hope to see you all in August.

We will be celebrating one year since the amalgamation of Hello Dollies and Gumnutters on 12 August with a special dinner - ladies'night out! On the next day, at our usual August meeting, we will be unveiling the Colour Challenge dolls. The Colour Challenge is a doll making challenge where each of the participants bring a small piece of fabric in a set number of colours. Then all the fabrics are placed in individual colour bags. Each participant then blindly chooses two bags of fabrics and is challenged to make a doll using the fabrics in the bags chosen. Looking forward to seeing what these doll makers come up with...
Jane - yellow & black 
Bobbi - blue & white 
Jackie - purple & red 
Wendy S - blue & green 
Jo - orange & purple
Marg - red & green
Connie - black & white
Debbie - green & orange
Gamarna - red & blue
Lynda - white & orange
Dolores - green & yellow
Wendy A - purple & yellow
Wilma - blue & black

See you all in August...Watch this space for the challenge photos.